• Le tournage de It Started With a Kiss 2 vient de démarrer!

    Vidéo de la première promo de la suite de It Start With A Kiss II:


    IPB Image

    Popuar idol drama "It Started With a Kiss" is about to film their sequel. Director Qu You Ning, Jo

    Cheng, Ariel Lin, and the rest of the cast gathered together for a grand wedding ceremony to celebrate the start of the sequel filming.

    Joe Cheng said, "This is actually my first marriage, unlike Ariel, who gets to marry in each drama she stars in. My first marriage in my profession is given to Ariel. Hopefully she can use her rich experience to handle our marriage well."

    Ariel Lin replied, "I am extremely honored. Haha.. I will definately be a good wife."

    After over one year, the original cast is cooperating again. Everyone's mood is excited and is anticipating this. Ariel said, "I am filled with excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. I told the director that nobody but ourselves give us the high expectations for this. I hope this doesn't become a pressure, but become a dedicated, relaxing job."

    Joe Cheng said, "This feels like the first day of elementary school. School begins once again and I am very nervous. I feel excited to return to the school."

    ISWAK II will be focused on Ariel and Joe's lifestyle after their marriage. Whether there will be an intimate bed scene is becoming a great anticipation. The director said, "Because they are newlyweds, there should be alot of intimate scenes. I am also a newlywed so I will arrange and discuss scenes with my wife. Everyone will see how sweet they will be!"

    Joe replied, "That is the director's practice at home; plan all the scenes and then teach it to me."


    translations by xbunnylicious

    Due to "It Started With a Kiss", Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng are successfully labeled as an onscreen couple. Both of them also have a good friend, Xu Wei Lun. Yesterday the shooting for the sequel began. Ariel wore a wedding dress and entered through a red carpet. The "groom", Joe Cheng said, "Wei Lun's desire before her death was to wear a wedding dress." Joe disclosed that during the wedding scene, their ten fingers were locked tight. When they think about their good friend, they held on to each other even tighter. Ariel even said, "I felt that Wei Lun had arrived for this wedding."

    Idol dramas are popular with sequels. GTV's Hana Kimi sequel has been confirmed to start filming at the end of the year. Last year, ISWAK had successful ratings on CTV and GTV. The filming started yesterday and the channels are already fighting for the broadcasting rights. Other than the original cast, Danson Tang is also included. The GTV executive said that ISWAK will be broadcasted in Tokyo and Fukuoka in Japan.

    Ariel hasn't filmed a drama in half a year since she had been studying abroad. The director revealed that the original script didn't plan a kiss scene but Ariel and Joe were willing to have one. Ariel joked, "The director will practice loving his wife at home and use it all on me in the drama."

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